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Lake Mungo - Outback NSW Tourism - Lumieres PhotographySouth Coast Tourism - Lumieres PhotographyGreat business promotion is all about getting the message across. Whether online and in print, the message is not only the written word but also the image and it is the image that will first grab the attention of the viewer in addition to enabling them to relate to the message. Professional photography is the key to getting your brand message across.

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Journey Through France



Journey through France (voyage à travers la France): France was never an intended place to spend some serious time touring but after a brief encounter in the summer of 2001 whereby I was travelling by motorcycle from Athens to Amsterdam, I vowed that I would return to really investigate the country that holds such allure for many people around the world. My travels through France had a remarkable influence on my life and re-ignited my passion in photography.

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Basil Fawlty Photography

Simon Bayliss - LumieresBasil Fawlty of Photography, who would have thought!

I was recently gallery sitting one of my exhibitions on the NSW South Coast and I know it is something I enjoy doing; to go through the process of selecting, editing, printing, framing is very rewarding. Add to that, the opportunity to discuss you passion with people who take to effort to visit a gallery displaying your work.  It is a wonderful feeling but like all things, you have your good days and your bad days.

I am beginning to realise that I MAY be becoming a GOP, one of those 'Grumpy Older People'; something friends and family have been saying for a while but of course, like a typical GOP, I was in complete denial and think I have the same exuberance for the general public that I had twenty years ago.

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Picture This

Sweden Touring

Accurate brand communication has never been more important; particularly when considering the growing use and effectiveness of online promotion and its contribution to tourism marketing. (Especially in this increasingly competitive market)

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Photography Guide

The Rule of Thirds and digital photography

Photography Guide - I was recently updating my computer system and, like cleaning out a shed and seeing an old box in a sunray illuminated dusty corner, found some wonderful gems hidden amongst turn of the century digital clutter.

One such gem was a file, aptly named photog-elements.doc, contained the incomplete editing of copious amounts of information gleaned from hours of reading, googling, and trial & error shooting. Just like the Mark 6 Jaguar my father started to renovate back in the 1970's, every thing was there but it just need some dusting off and a bit of honing and it might still be usable.

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What is RAW

What is RAW:

A RAW file is a Greyscale file and does not contain anything we humans can see as color as opposed to a TIFF or JEPEG which are ‘processed and contain the colour information required to view it.

The RAW file will also contain the interpretive 'information' (White Balance, Colorimetric interpretation, Gamma Correction, etc) and it is that which will be utilised by the camera or computer software converter to translate this data based on the characteristics of the color filter array (The sensor) 

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Photographic Quotes

Some wise thoughts of those who inspire me:

  • My early childhood equipped me really well for my portrait work: The quick encounter, where you are not going to know the subject for very long. These days I am much more comfortable with the fifteen minute relationship, than I am with a life long relationship. - Annie Leibovitz

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